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Green juice doesn't taste like pond water

It took me a long time to get on the green juice wagon.

I'd look at other gorgeous bloggers and their beautiful nutritious vitality-giving juices and think 'Wow, those gals are glowing! But... what is that stuff going to TASTE like?' It just looks so... nasty.

As soon as I saw the addition of leafy greens in a juice I found it hard to get past the thought that it was going to be super healthy but taste like algae, or grass, or baby food.

But after my husband bought me an Omniblend I figured I should bite the bullet and give it a try.

I love that it's not actually a 'juicer', just a super high speed blender. Noisy - but only for about 5 seconds, then your fruit & veg is pulverised and unlike a juicer, all the lovely nutrient dense pulp is still in your glass.

Mostly, mine are tasting like apples, despite the big handfuls of kale I'm adding in. I've appropriated the kids drink bottles so I can take them to work in place of an afternoon coffee. Ty's Hot Wheels bottle is just the right size.  :)

Also loving simple faves like orange and ginger.

I even attempted a 3 day juice fast... and managed a whole 5 hours before I forgot and ate a sandwich. Never mind. Probably not the best thing for my body anyway. I have a feeling I would have got very VERY cranky without solid food for a few days. Hungry and angry. HANGRY.

So, if you haven't already... will you give green juice a go?

I must admit I haven't tried an avocado smoothie yet - I can't quite get my head around that one. But that will be for the next post! I'm gonna try it. I think avocado and banana sounds good.

Stay beautiful,

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